ChalkTalk® Video Interviews (new interviews added each school year):


“Applications of Social Thinking for Social & Communicative Challenges” Michelle Garcia Winner, Social Thinking Center. Necessity of teaching social thinking skills to master educational objectives of students deficient in these skills

“Effective RTI Implementation” Dr. Caryn Ward, national RTI consultant. Critical components, checkpoints for student success, and key evaluation decisions for an effective RTI process

“Making the Grade,” Cathy Sartain, Cathy Sartain Industries. Exploration of the needs & challenges of grading procedures for students with disabilities

“Progress Monitoring: Accountability for Learning” Dr. Andrea Ogonosky, Ph.D., LSSP, NCSP. Significance of regular progress monitoring for measuring academic success of all students

“Reading Instruction and Practices: Implications for Students with Reading Difficulties” Marsha Sonnenberg, national reading consultant. Characteristics of effective reading instruction in relationship to state standards

“Reading Success for Students with Intellectual Disabilities” Dr. Jill Allor, Chair and Profesor, Dept. of Teaching and Learning, Southern Methodist University. Success of evidence-based strategies in teaching reading to students with intellectual disabilities.

“The Road from a PLAAFP to the Annual Goal” Cathy Sartain, Cathy Sartain Industries. Importance and relationship of the Present Levels of Academic Achievement & Functional Performance to standards-based goals and objective

“Using Brain Research to Unlock Learning” Dr. Sandra Chapman, UTD Center for Brain Health. Positive results of strategies to enhance critical thinking skills for adolescents with ADHD, Autism spectrum, and traumatic brain injuries.


“Student-Led IEP Meetings” & “I’m Determined Project” Dr. Judith Moening, North East ISD, Dr. Vickie Mitchell, Mitchell-Pander LLC, & John Eisenberg, Virginia Department of Education. Different opportunities to develop and enhance self-determination skills for students with disabilities

“Transitioning to Adulthood” Debbie Wilkes, D.R.Wilkes Consulting. Review of compliance highlights of the transition components from IDEA


“Effects of Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports” Dr. Stewart Pisecco, Psychological Software Solutions & Mike Box, LCSW. An overview of PBIS and evidence of its positive effects for students and teachers

“No More Bullying: Legal Views & Culture Shifts” Jim Walsh Walsh, Anderson, Brown, Gallegos, & Green, P.C. & Donna Layer, M.Ed.,Birdville ISD. Implications of school district activities and legal perspectives of bullying prevention

“Partnerships: Schools and Residential/Day Centers” Daniel Bayes, Executive Director and Mitch Bayes, Founder/Owner, Bayes Achievement Center. Importance of school-residential/day center partnerships to normalize student behaviors

“Social-Emotional-Behavioral Issues: Educational & Parental Perspectives” Jay Burcham, CEO, Leaps & Gerry Stefhon, Parent & VP of Global Scholar. Issues review and parent-teacher collaboration for students with social-emotional-behavior needs

“Social Skills: Classroom to Real World” Dr. Sue Sheridan, Susan J. Sheridan & Associates. Expert guidance to adapt social skills instruction across environments

“Strategies to Improve Challenging Behaviors” Daniel Bayes, Executive Director and Mitch Bayes, Founder/Owner, Bayes Achievement Center. Proven strategies to foster academic and behavioral success for students presenting severe behaviors


“IEP Facilitation: Facts & Fallacies” Kathy Clayton, Ed21 Consulting Services. Distinguishing IEP facilitation from mediation and key strategies for IEP facilitation

“Impact of Public Policy on Instruction” Dr. Deborah Zeigler, Associate Executive Director, Policy & Advocacy Services, Council of Exceptional Children (CEC). Impact of current policies and future directives on instruction, teacher evaluation, funding, mental health and early childhood services.

“Inclusive Schools Week” Dr. Frances Stetson & Tricia Williams, Stetson & Associates. Overview of activities, materials, and outcomes of Inclusive Schools Week to assist school systems in planning and implementing their own yearly events

“Special Education Reinvented in a Whole System Educational Model” Dr. Steven Kukic, Director of School Transformation, National Center of Learning Disabilities. Design and benefits of restructuring to a whole-system educational model for improving instructional outcomes of all students

“Tips for Successful IEP Meetings” Janet Horton, Thompson & Horton, LLP & Julie Weatherly, Esq., RISE. Legal tips for team members in planning and implementing successful IEP meetings