Professional development workshops are designed to improve teamwork and collaboration, minimize and eliminate conflicts, and maintain federal and state compliance and local guidelines while maintaining student focus in IEP meetings. The goal is to provide participants with expanded skill sets that can immediately be used in daily responsibilities. Earnest Facilitations LLC will work with clients to customize any of the workshops to meet specific goals and needs.

Process Leadership: The Administrator’s Role in the IEP Meeting – IEP meetings need members skilled in both process and content information to share and delineate team responsibilities, to have collaborative and meaningful participation, and to be able to develop appropriate, individual plans for students with disabilities. This workshop will provide an overview and examples of the campus administrator’s role and responsibilities as process managers: to broker communication, to ensure that each team member has an opportunity to be heard, to prevent, intervene, and resolve conflicts and to conduct or assist in conducting an organized, efficient, and compliant meeting. By using various media, case studies, process management tools, and facilitation strategies, participants will leave with skills as both a process manager and a decision-maker that enable effective collaboration between parents and staff and promote student focus in making data-based and consensus-based decisions. Participants will be given a CD of tools. (1/2 day – 1 day workshop)

Using Facilitation Framework in IEP Meetings – This workshop applies the continuum of facilitation tools and strategies that can be effectively used in IEP meetings in order to enhance teamwork, collaboration, and student focus in both simple and complex meetings. Using case studies, checklists, and visual tools, participants learn and practice facilitation tools and strategies that prevent and resolve conflicts and lead to consensus-based decisions so that they gain preparation and confidence in embedding the facilitation process into all types of school meetings. Participants will be given a CD of tools.  (1 day workshop for training team leaders and team members; 2-day workshop for training impartial IEP Facilitators; maximum number of participants depends upon workshop goals)

Transforming the Difficult IEP Meeting – This workshop teaches participants to identify and use appropriate tools and strategies that can  transform difficult IEP meetings into meetings that result in data-based, consensus-driven decisions to develop individual student plans that support student success. Emphasis is placed on managing difficult behaviors and resolving conflicts by forging relationships, using effective communication strategies to gain meaningful participation from team members, and using appropriate visual tools conducive to an organized, compliant, and efficient meeting. Participants will be given a CD of tools (1 day workshop. Participants should have previous experience in leading IEP meetings; maximum of 35 participants)

Parent Overview of Effective IEP Meetings – The use of facilitation strategies and tools applies to all team members. This overview, conducted in collaboration with school system staff, educates parents in strategies and tools used before, during, and after IEP meetings to promote team collaboration and consensus decision-making. (1-2 hours)

IEP Facilitation Consultation – Consultation sessions scheduled with district special education leaders who desire assistance through various steps, such as needs analysis, action planning, levels of training and support needed to address challenges and to improve IEP meetings in such areas as parent-school collaboration, leadership, compliance, team responsibilities, and development of consensus-based decisions for the individual educational plans of students with disabilities.

Train-the-Trainer Implementation – These workshops and/or consultation sessions are targeted to large districts or groups of districts in order to develop action plans for IEP facilitations training and/or to build internal capacity for having trained staff that can serve as impartial IEP Facilitators. (Time will vary with needs)

Follow-up Seminars – These webinars or on-site sessions are targeted to staff who have previously been trained in IEP facilitation and who want to refine skills and strategies. (Time will vary with needs)