ChalkTalk® Commentary

With September, 2012, ChalkTalk® begins its second year of on-demand video interviews on topics of importance and interest to educators of students with disabilities. We are pleased to open with  2-part segment on the  implementation of student-led IEP meetings for school systems and to showcase the I’m Determined  multi-faceted project from the Commonwealth of Virginia. Both interviews feature vibrant, enthusiastic educational leaders who believe in children and young adults believing in themselves and taking an active role in their own lives and education.  Too often, I hear “Student-led IEP Meetings, how can kids with disabilities do that?” Well, just watch the video and hear the stories of how the opportunity is changing the outlooks of students and  parents. I can’t say enough positive remarks about I’m Determined. What a jewel! a project that began at the state governmental level 5 years ago that continues to make positive differences in the lives of young adults and their families. Their website is full of  available resources for educators, parents, and students everywhere.