Chalk Talk

What is ChalkTalk®?

ChalkTalk® is an on-demand streaming video interview series for general and special educators that is an innovative, cost effective professional development tool. Experts discuss an array of contemporary topics in educating students with challenges in learning and behavior during 30-minute interviews. and At the end of each interview, questions will be posed to viewers for further content discussion and implementation so that the interview content can be weaved into school programming and instructional decisions.

How do I access ChalkTalk® and who can see the videos at my school?

Local educational agencies who subscribe receive a username and password to access the video interviews on the Earnest Facilitations LLC website. This username and password may be shared with all educators in the agency for their unlimited use, and they will have evidence-based and empirical content available at their fingertips without needing critical resources for substitutes, travel, or time away from students. Some agencies will also want to share the videos with their parents.

How often are ChalkTalk® videos available during the year?

When you subscribe, you have immediate, unlimited access to the current videos in the ChalkTalk® electronic streaming library. Additionally, seven videos will be added, one per month, during each school year with the exception of December and May. Local educational agencies can view and use the videos at any time, 24/7, with unlimited usage for one fee.

How do I subscribe to ChalkTalk®?

ChalkTalk® is sold as an annual subscription. One fee provides unlimited usage for all local educational agency staff. You can click here for an order form.

How do educators use ChalkTalk®?

Webinars will be scheduled, as needed and requested by clients, as professional services to assist in the applications of ChalkTalk® so that it addresses professional development and school improvement initiatives. Contact for more information.

A sample video is available on the Home Page